1994: Berlin is free

President Bill Clinton

Berlijn, 12 juli 1994Brandenburger Tor

(...) in all of their names, I say ‘Amerika steht an ihrer Seite, jetzt und für immer.’ America is on your side now and forever. Moments ago, with my friend, Chancellor Kohl, I walked where my predecessors could not, through the Brandenburg Gate. (...) that gate has been a symbol of the time (...) in our own time, you, courageous Berliners, have again made the Brandenburg what its builders meant it to be – a gateway. Now, together, we can walk through that gateway to our destiny, to a Europe united, united in peace, united in freedom, united in progress for the first time in history. Nothing will stop us. All things are possible. ‘Nichts wird uns aufhalten. Alles ist möglich. Berlin ist frei.’ Berlin is free.