Dit is de opvolger van Poetin

Dit is de opvolger van Poetin In Rusland worden zondag presidentsverkiezingen gehouden. De uitslag staat al zo goed als vast. Dmitri Medvedev zal winnen. pagina 4 en 5 ‘Stem op Medvedev’ staat op deze Russische kindertekening. Foto AFP A child's drawing of Russia's likely next president Dmitry Medvedev shows a crowd of people cheering for Medvedev under a banner reading "Vote for Medvedev" in Moscow on February 26, 2008. Five days before Russia's presidential election, the country's children have no doubt who will win, judging by an exhibition of drawings that opened Tuesday in Moscow. The competition titled "Draw the Future President" so far features only Dmitry Medvedev and his backer President Vladimir Putin. AFP PHOTO / MICHAEL ECKELS AFP

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