Turks vrachtschip vat vlam

Turks vrachtschip vat vlam Pula, 8 febr. Met behulp van een helikopter proberen brandweerlieden een brand te blussen op een Turks vrachtschip, voor de kust van Pula in Kroatië. Het 193 meter lange schip vervoert onder meer vrachtwagens en gevaarlijke chemicaliën en was op weg naar Italië. Foto AFP A rescue boat and a helicopter try to extinguish a fire on February 07, 2008 on the Turkey cargo ship which caught fire a day before off the northern Croatian coast. The boat carried by sea currents came dangerously close to the Croatian coastal town of Pula as five specialized Dutch fireman were transported near the boat to try to extinguish the fire. The 193 meters long cargo ship was transporting from Istanbul more than 200 trucks as well as 9 tons of dangerous oil derivates for the environment towards the Italian port of Sad. The 22 members of its crew and the nine passengers were saved by a Greek boat who were in the vicinity when the accident occurred. Four people suffered from the light burns. AFP PHOTO / HRVOJE POLAN AFP