De nieuwe probleemoplosser van Zuid-Afrika

De nieuwe probleemoplosser van Zuid-Afrika Vandaag wordt de nieuwe ANC-leider gekozen. Grootste kanshebber is Jacob Zuma, beschuldigd van verkrachting en verdacht van corruptie. Maar ook een man van het volk. pagina 4 en 5 Foto AFP Former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma (L) stands in a marqui, 11 June 2006, ahead of the celebrations for the Bambatha rebellion centenary in Mpanza, South Africa. Soldiers and Zulu warriors, dressed in traditional leopard skins, joined thousands to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bhambatha rebellion.The story of Bhambatha and his rebellion began in 1905 when colonial rulers in the Natal province decided to impose a poll tax of one British pound on all adult men in order to boost coffers emptied by the recently-ended Anglo-Boer War. AFP PHOTO / GIANLUIGI GUERCIA AFP

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