Jeltsin unplugged

Noem het schandalig, noem het kwaadaardig; ik las veel necro’s over Boris Jeltsin, maar geen enkele zo grappig en touché als deze van Matt Taibbi.

There will be some Russians who will mourn him today, because for all his faults, he was what the Russians call nash -- “ours.”

With his drunkenness, his talent for making a slobbish spectacle of himself in front of the civilized leaders of the world, his apelike inability to wear a suit, his perfect and instinctive amorality, his effortless thievery, and his casual use of lethal force, he represented a type intimately familiar to all Russians.

(Nou ja, deze necro is bijna even lachwekkend, maar dan onbedoeld. Vooral dat gedichtje aan het eind: So he left/As a sign of protest/As a sign of refusual/As a sign that he would not accept what was happening to in the country. Illarionov heb ik altijd al een rare gevonden, maar dit wijst op overdadig drugsgebruik)