Ikje te New York City

vuilnis2.jpgDear Diary:

While dropping off something for Uncle Randy on West 90th Street, we noticed this very Upper West Side notice posted on the door of the garbage chute room:

“To Whom It May Concern:

“It remains a mystery to the majority of us as to why you have not yet understood the simple concept that trash must be placed down the trash chute — not just inside the door of the room the trash chute occupies.

“Perhaps you have not previously resided in an apartment building. Perhaps you lack understanding of the nature of the semi-communal living situation involved therein.

“Whatever the case, your fellow residents of the 21st floor are fed up with your continued inconsideration. We are not your mother, and therefore it is not our job to clean up after you.

“Put your trash down the trash chute!

“Sincerely, your neighbors on the 21st floor.”

We moved across town many years ago, but we do miss these types of notes.

Laura and George Tannenbaum

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