Ikje van deze week

lostgirls.jpgDear Diary:

I was born in Manhattan. Other than a forced 17-year detour to suburbia (for the children, my parents said), I have lived here my entire life. Like many Manhattanites I have a certain, shall we say, disdain for the tourists. So imagine my shock when, on my way to jury duty last month, I was greeted by the young barista at the Canal and Centre Street Starbucks with this friendly question: “Where are you visiting from?”

He could tell from the look of horror on my face that he had said something very wrong. “Oh, you’re from here,” he said nervously. “I’m so sorry.”

Pulling myself up to my full 5 feet 4 inches, I asked, with vast Manhattanista hauteur, “What makes you think I’m a tourist?”

He looked at me apologetically and said, quietly, “You smiled at me.”

Jilann Picariello