cvr_manhattan_boot_29.jpgHet New Yorkse ‘ikje’ van de week.

Dear Diary:

What was it that made me truly relish coming home after a weekend away from New York?

At first it was the spectacular sunset views from the Amtrak train as it wound through Queens, skyscrapers glinting in a sienna sky to the right and bridge lights twinkling to the left. Then it was when I threaded through the crowds at Pennsylvania Station and grinned to hear the stations called for the train I used to take home when New York was a lifeline to my closest friends, but not yet my home.

Yet these paled in comparison to the real high point of the evening: approaching the turnstiles, glancing at the table of cops who’d clearly just finished inspecting bags for the day, and spotting an officer letting off steam by demonstrating the most effortless, graceful moonwalk I’ve seen in years. New York, I love you, and I am so glad to be home.

Virginia Licklider

En dan nog even over waar het minder gaat in New York: op Wall Street. Buiten de schommelende koersen verliest het financiële centrum simpelweg aan relevantie. Lees hier en hier in de stukken uit de papieren krant hoe hard dat gaat en wat er nog aan te redden valt.

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