Een echte Yue Minjun

Een echte Yue Minjun Moderne Chinese kunst is hot. Schilderijen kosten soms al één of twee miljoen dollar. De Chinese kunstenaars worden vergeleken met Lichtenstein en Warhol. pagina 4 en 5 Geen titel,Yue Minjun (1962) SOTHEBY'S LONDON - OCTOBER 14, 2006 CONTEMPORARY ART EVENING YUE MINJUN B. 1962 UNTITLED Estimate: £80,000—120,000 Sold for £108,000 Copyright in this image shall remain vested in Sotheby’s. Please note that this image may depict subject matter which is itself protected by separate copyright. Sotheby’s makes no representations as to whether the underlying subject matter is subject to its own copyright, or as to who might hold such copyright. It is the borrower's responsibility to obtain any relevant permissions from the holder(s) of any applicable copyright and Sotheby’s supplies this image expressly subject to this responsibility.

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