Irak op weg naar democratie +

Irak op weg naar democratie + Doden in september: Doden in oktober: Doden bij aanslagen in Bagdad sinds zondag: Dodelijke slachtoffers van ontvoeringen sinds zondag: 1.5001.600 200 100 pagina 4 en 5 Straatbeeld in Bagdad Foto AFP, Wisam Sami Iraqis walk past a pool of blood at the site where a roadside bomb exploded at the al-Saadun street in central Baghdad, wounding five civilians according to Iraqi Interior ministry sources 01 October 2006. Baghdad was abuzz today over revelations of a plot to attack the heavily fortified Green Zone, the seat of the government, as parliament cancelled a session to discuss a contentious law. AFP PHOTO/WISAM SAMI AFP

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