‘Eco’ in stonecoal English

Toneel: Eco door Dood paard. Tournee: t/m 15 dec. Inl. 020-4214990 of www.doodpaard.nl

„I can be short from stuff. We develop ideas about the ‘how’s’, the ‘what’s’ and the ‘why’s’. We bring the new meaning of Eco”. On the word is Dik de Bruin (Oscar van Woensel), manager from the Eco Ville-project. „Hoho, let’s not walk too fast from the staple. Eco Ville is only a working-name.”

Wherein a small country can be great. Eco, the new piece from Toneelgezelschap Dood Paard, is completely spoken in stonecoal English. Actor and toneelwriter Oscar van Woensel wrote a briljant parodie on the Dutch vergadercultuur. A groep out from the clay pulled businesses-peoples hold an international top-meeting. Inspirated by Walt Disney, they want to build een ecological amusementpark. Van Woensel takes our polderish mentality – that we so crampy-like try to get rid of (that’s why we love English!) – sharp on the hak.

When you enter into the zaal, they sit already there, behind a big meeting-table: the four board-members. Frunnicking with their glasses. Actor Kuno Bakker („call me Har”) is wonderful as creative adviseur. With provocating uprolled sleeves, he looks like he goes to hit spikers with heads, but in place of that, he hangs the popy-jopy out.

All the actors can play also many other important peoples from all over the EU. They come to you via monitors, the chairman (Gillis Biesheuvel) gives them the word. Terrilble ánd delicious, how this feministical pro Deo lawyer moralizes everything that smells but a little bit of money, to death. Een Moslim wants to know: am I also welcome in this Eco-park?

Humor on the sharpest from the cut. Precisely Van Woensel knows where that is all good for. In Eco the idealisism, or better, the lack from it, becomes shrining. Racistical and woman-unfriendly jokes are not from the air, the meeting walks spake in kissybissing about bankability and marketstrategies. There hangs a price-card on milieu-friendliness.

How hilarical the toe-curling Englisch may be, in the end there is the sound of a serious undertone: Dood Paard toont het morele bankroet van onze oververmoeide consumptiemaatschappij, waarin alle idealen zijn verworden tot koopwaar. De leegte is oorverdovend. Eco is hard, zwartkomisch en verbluffend goed.