Olievlek gedept met haar uit bajes

Olievlek gedept met haar uit bajes Muntinlupa City. Filippijnse gevangenen in Muntinlupa City lieten zich gisteren kaalscheren, nadat de kustwacht vroeg om absorberend materiaal. Het haar zal gebruikt worden om aangespoelde olie op het eiland Guimaras te verwijderen. Op 11 augustus zonk de olietanker Solar 1 voor de kust. De gevangenisdirectie verwacht dat 16.000 van de 19.000 gevangenen zich zullen laten knippen. Foto AFP/Romeo Gacad Filipino inmates at the National Penitentiary in Muntinlupa suburban Manila have their heads shaved, 30 August 2006 during the second day of mass hair cutting to donate their hair for the cleanup of the oil spill in the central Philippine island of Guimaras. The penitantiary houses 19,000 prisoners and prison authorities said they are expecting at least 16,000 to undergo a mass haircut following appeals by Philippine Coast Guard for any absorbent materials that can be used in the massive clean up of oil sludge. Filipino environmental experts backed by colleagues from Japan, the US and France, and environmental groups Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund are now engaged in a massive clean-up operation of the country's worst ever environmental disaster when the oil tanker Solar 1 sank off Guimaras island 11 August. AFP PHOTO/ROMEO GACAD AFP