Herstel gezag in plantage Liberia

Herstel gezag in plantage Liberia Guthrie. Een Liberiaanse soldaat (r) staat naast een groep voormalige strijders (l) die sinds 2003 een rubberplantage in de Liberiaanse plaats Guthrie hadden bezet. Met steun van UNMIL, de VN-vredesmacht in Liberia, hebben Liberiaanse militairen het regeringsgezag hersteld op de plantage. De regering had de ex-strijders verschillende keren tevergeefs een ultimatum gesteld om de plantage te verlaten. Foto AFP UN soldiers (not in photo) and Liberian security forces keep hundreds of former combatants (L) at bay 15 August 2006 at the largest government-owned rubber plantation in Guthrie, 60 kilometres (37 miles) west of Monrovia. Ex-combatants have been occupying the plantation since 2003. The government on several occasions has given them an ultimatum to evacuate but they have persistantly refused. With the support of UNMIL, the Liberian government restored state authority in Guthrie. During a short program the head of UNMIL (United Nations Missions in Liberia) Alan Doss said the UN troops will not tolerate violence after the turning over ceremony. The ex-combatants came in large numbers but were stop by security forces while the program was being held. AFP PHOTO DOSSO ZOOM AFP