Gewapend druiven plukken in Irak

Gewapend druiven plukken in Irak Dohuk, 15 aug. Een Koerdische boer plukt, gewapend, druiven in zijn wijngaard in Dohuk, in het noordwesten van Irak. De regio heeft zich de laatste jaren hersteld, na jarenlange onderdrukking door het regime van Saddam Hussein. Foto AFP TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY JAY DESHMUKH Saleem a 53-year-old Kurdish man inspects the grapes while carrying an AK47 machine gun in his vineyard 13 August 2006 on a hillock in Dohuk north of Baghdad. During Iraq's war with Iran in the 1980s the country's Kurdish minority had profited from the chaos to develop their separatist ambitions. Saddam's reaction was brutal and the region's infrastructure was shattered. Now, lush green vine supported by T-shaped concrete trellises stand in Saleem's 2.5 hectare estate, loaded down with bunches of ripe green, red and purple grape varieties, ready to be sold in the Dohuk market. AFP PHOTO/ALI AL-SAADI AFP