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Protest at US Moscow embassy over Putin plagiarism claim

MOSCOW, April 14 2006-Around 40 Russian students demonstrated Friday
outside the US embassy in Moscow to protest a US newspaper report claiming
Vladimir Putin had plagiarized parts of his doctoral thesis before he was

The youths, wearing orange shirts emblazoned with pictures of Putin, held
banners bearing phrases such as “Putin Is Our President” and “Hand Off!” an
AFP reporter said.

The conservative Washington Times newspaper last month quoted scholars
saying Putin had lifted 16 pages of his economics thesis from a management
text published by two University of Pittsburgh academics in the 1990s.

The protestors, who referred to themselves as members of the “Putin Fan
Club,” threw mock copies of The Washington Times in a rubbish bin.

Putin, a KGB officer before entering politics and becoming president in
2000, obtained his doctorate in economics in 1997 from the Saint Petersburg
Mining Institute.

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