Nagekomen bericht: Go Dutch

toneelklein_1.jpgEven nog over het stuk The Northern Quarter (zie post van 18/01). Hier een recensie van Backstage. En vandaag is de Time Out New York uitgekomen, verreweg de belangrijkste gids die uitgaand New York leest. 170 pagina’s per week.

Helen Shaw van de Time Out ging naar het stuk van Erwin Maas. Een paar citaten:

Certainly, the parents are loco parents, but they also symbolize agencies acting in loco parentis - like governments that restrict us to the status quo. „How could you want to know something that you don’t know already?”, asks Faas’s [de zoon] bewildered father, and Faas’s default emotions (fear and suspicion) sound as familiar as the evening news.

Unfortunately, Maas has mixed luck with his actors. [...] The result is a stop-and-start-evening, with appealing moments surprising us out of amateurish strectches. But considering that you get a free beer when you walk in the door, this is another great excuse to go Dutch.

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