Drive slow

Opschriften langs de wegen in India:

Be slow with life and with love

Beauty is for the slow runner

Speed invites death

Darling I want you, but not too fast

Never try your nerves on my curves. My curves are gorgeous, you must go over them smoothly

Op spoorwegstation in India:

Slow has four letters, so has life

Speed had five letters, so has death

Bord langs de weg in Namibië:

Keep your desert clean

Op muur bij universiteit van Perugia (Italië):

Anni '70: Sangue e Revoluzione

Anni '90: Fitness e Silicone

Op muur bij Osnabrück:

Krieg den Hütten

Paläste für Alle!

Nog een Engels raadseltje


Austria-Hungary (hungry)

Took a bit of Turkey,

Dipped it in Greece (grease)

and gave it to Serbia (to serve you)