De leraar II

Wegens taalfout (Prikbord 9 sept.) gedwongen herintreding:

A voice then shouted from within:

We will not let him save his skin

He never thought he would be caught

For all he teached on earth instead of taught

For wasting many a pupil's mind

He deserves to be repaid in kind.

Put him on a cloud and ring the bell

And send him back to give him hell!

Tekst op oud T-shirt:

A nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.

Tekst bij twee kettinkjes bij spoelbak in WC van het Gymnasium Haganum, lang geleden:

Grote spoeling en Kleine spoeling.

Iemand had er bij geschreven:

Bij twijfel raadplege men den rector.

A London eaterie advertised:

Wanted: Man to wash dishes and two waitresses.