Mrs Conclusion: Hello, Mrs Premise.

Mrs Premise: Hello, Mrs Conclusion.

MC: Busy day?

MP: Busy! I've just spent four hours burying the cat.

MC: Four hours to bury a cat?

MP: Yes! It wouldn't keep still, wriggling about, howling its head off.

MC: Oh, it wasn't dead then?

MP: Well, no, no, but it's not at all a well cat, so as we were going away for a fortnight's holiday, I thought I'd better bury it just to be on the safe side.

MC: Quite right. You don't want to come back from Sorrento to a dead cat. It'd be so anticlimactic. Yes, kill it now – that's what I say.

MP: Yes.

MC: We're going to have our budgie put down.

MP: Really? Is it very old?

MC: No, we just don't like it. We're going to take it to the vet tomorrow.

MP: Tell me, how do they put budgies down then?

MC: Well it's funny you should ask that, but I've just been reading a great big book about how to put your budgie down, and apparently you can either hit them with the book, or, you can shoot them just there, just above the beak.

MP: Just there?

MC: Yes.

MP: Well well well. `Course, Mrs Essence flushed hers down the loo.

MC: Oh no! You shouldn't do that! No, that's dangerous! Yes, they breed in the sewers, and eventually you get evil-smelling flocks of huge soiled budgies flying out of people's lavatories infringing their personal freedom. (-)

MP: It's a funny thing, freedom. I mean how can any of us be really free when we still have personal possessions. (-) You can't. Well, this is the whole crux of Jean-Paul Sartre's `Roads to freedom'...

(Monty Python's flying circus, 19 oktober 1972, foto Kippa). Op maandagavonden zendt Net5 herhalingen van Monty Python uit.