Gedrukt op een nieuwe Schotse theedoek:

At the beginning of time God was discussing the creation of the world with the Angel Gabriel. Leaning back in His golden throne, He told him of His plans for Scotland.

`Gabriel', said God, `I am going to give Scotland towering mountains and magnificent glens resplendent with purple heather. Red deer will roam the countryside, golden eagles will circle in the skies, salmon will leap in the crystal clear rivers and lochs, and the surrounding seas will teem with fish. Agriculture will flourish and there will be a glorious coming together of water with barley to be known as whisky. Coal, oil and gas – all will be there. The Scots will be intelligent, innovative, industrious and...'

`Wait a minute!' interrupted Gabriel. `Are You not being just a wee bit too generous to these Scots?'

But the Almighty replied, `Not really. I haven't told you yet who their neighbours are going to be!'