Lesbian from Khartoum

Een inzender wees op het boek `The Limerick' van G. Legman. `The lesbian girl from Khartoum' heeft vele gedaanten. Een greep uit de verzameling:

A pansy who lived in Khartoum

Took a lesbian up to his room,

And they argued all night

Over who had the right

To do what, and with which, and

to whom. [1941-1952]

Variaties zijn Bloom, Groom, Muldoon, Rangoon. Het is de limerick-versie van de grap van Oscar Wilde: ,,H'all right, guv'nor, but 'oo does wot to 'oo, an' 'oo pyes?''

And they argued a lot

About who would do what

And how and with which and to whom. [1941]

,,Why you son of a bitch,

you don't know which is which,

Who does what, why, and to whom.'' [1939]