Suburb life

A married couple was having a quiet dinner out when a statuesque blonde walked by their table and winked at the husband. ,,Who was that?'' the wife demanded.

,,Well, if you must know'', the husband replied, ,,that was my mistress.''

,,Your mistress!? You bastard!

I want a divorce!'' the wife


Looking directly into her eyes, her husband calmly replied, ,,Are you saying you want to give up our big house in the suburbs, your Mercedes, your furs, your maid, your jewelry, and our vacation home in Mexico?''

For a long time they continued dining in silence. Finally, the

woman cleared her throat and said: ,,Isn't that your boss Howard over there? Who's he with?''

,,That's his mistress'', her husband said.

,,Hmmmph'', she said, taking another bite of dessert. ,,Ours is much cuter.''

Nog wat pseudolatijn. Erg veel ingezonden werd:

Cidi tammentus

asium cid pacum

(Zie die tamme eend eens. Als je hem ziet pak hem.)