Het Engels & J.C. Bloem

Ongeveer een jaar geleden legde ik u op deze plaats een lijstje met Engelse zinnetjes voor.

Ik had ze geplukt uit Nederlandse (!) reclame-uitingen die mij te pas en te onpas onder de ogen waren gekomen. Het waren er tweeëndertig en ze vormden de oogst van enkele weken speuren en noteren. Vandaag bied ik u een nieuwe lijst. De oogst van één jaar! Volledigheid pretendeer ik geenszins. Ik heb er geen jacht op gemaakt. Alleen de reclame-zinnetjes die ik zag (en onthield) heb ik verzameld. En de zinnetjes met een merknaam erin heb ik weggelaten, want daar had ik geen zin in.

Hier is wat ik vond, op straat, in kranten en tijdschriften, op t.v.: The fragrance that dresses a dream. Feel good. Nothing else. You were born to it. Return on investment. What would you do? Reflections of love. A shoe very much. Australia now. Let yourself go. The way ahead. Safed by quality. Design for living. Sports- and leisure wear. A winner for all seasons. Don't crack under pressure. Men '91. Warming up. For those who know. A moment of reflection. Bringing music to life. That's life. That's all. Blue light. Red Light. You'll be impressed. The international symbol for Yes. Timeless fascination. Faces of America. Hot summer. Coordinated casuals. Meet other quality singles. What a combination. Systems for improved acoustic performance. Africa in the picture. Originals stand the tests of time. Have the guts to go nuts. The best way to express your intelligence. The art of doing sharp business. World's number one mild cigaret. Don't fool around. The power and the glory. Progress was never created by 'standard' people. Singing in the rain. Arrive in better shape. We love to fly and it shows. Discover gold. Ireland. Imagine your being there. You land in Ireland, the moment you board. Wild at heart. For the mild lovers. For the global perspective. Shoot & See. No rocks allowed. A great scotch is a rare pleasure, make it last. House of exclusive cars. The art of entertainment. But I didn't shoot the deputy. Cool cans for cool kids. Let there be fashion. She walked like a woman and talked like a man. Quality in an age of change. The write feeling. You'll be impressed. Open, cooperative computing, the strategy for managing change. Makes you a better manager. Original French dry. Amongst the happy few only a few are happy. The document company. Come fly the friendly skies. The new way of driving. The natural way to furnish your garden. We are flying better than ever. Come to where the racing is. It's good to see you. Bike it. Keep on rolling. Switch over to natural. It is real satisfaction. If you can find more comfort, go for it. See me. Feel me. Touch me. Hold me. We put fantasy to work. I need some light over here. See things in a different light. Love at first ride. On the move. The smart way to USA. You can't get better. You can't beat the feeling. Just good friends. Do you know? Do you care? Refreshing. Set me free. To be happy in Amsterdam. Read by people who've got better things to do. We make it happen. The unexpected taste. Taking off with new technologies. Invest in France agency. True love. A groovy kind of love. Big deal. Real power. Besides saving money, this car can save your life. Image recording and communication. Born to be blond. The more you wash them the better they get. Make all hearts unbreakable. The art of creating fashion. Be an individual. The true taste of scotch. That giant feeling. Love for sale. The art of fine seating. The biggest taste. The jeans that built America. World of difference. The sunny side of life. Go Bermudas. The serious alternative. I love the blues. I love you like I love myself. Discover gold. Go east. It's a thin line between love and hate. Keep 'em rolling. Drink light, feel light. Just for the taste of it. We can't dance. A sence of serenity. For personal use only. Simply the best. The new sensation for a young generation. Nothing else. It's cool to be clear. The decision maker's choice. Scheduled services. The open advantage. Let's have a party guys. The smooth whiskey from Ireland. Handcrafted by the oldest distillers of Scotch Whisky. A modern classic. Faces of America in jeans. We make it happen. You've got the right one, baby. We sell or else. Your global partner in computing. The unique short break. The physical self. Have a break. Het houdt niet op. En dan is deze bloemlezing alleen nog maar afkomstig uit de reclame. Wie speurt de andere terreinen af? De wetenschap, de journalistiek, de conversatie... Het is erger dan ik dacht. Mij lijkt er sprake van een angelsaksische overrompeling.

Wat ik maar vragen wou: wie kan er over vijftig jaar Martinus Nijhoff en J.C. Bloem nog lezen.

    • M.A. Veltman